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Host 主辦單位

  • Earth Charter Taiwan 台灣地球憲章聯盟

After attending three amazing CEI Conferences: 2011 Hungary, 2012 the Netherlands and 2013 Scotland, Earth Charter Taiwan (ECT) is honored to host the 28th CEI Conference in Yilan, Taiwan. The CEI 2014 main organizers are TESA and Sun Foundation, two core members of ECT.

Organizers 承辦單位

  • Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association (TESA) 生態關懷者協會

The purposes of TESA are: 1. To inculcate the valued principles of environmental ethics through the study of land ethics.2. The pursuit of eco-justice. 3. The practice of a simple life. It emphasizes the integration of the various traditional moral and religious dimensions of life with a new ecological worldview, leading to major social and cultural transformations for a healthy sustainable future.

As a partner of the Earth Charter Initiative in Taiwan since 2001, TESA has been working together with ECI on two objectives: 1. To increase the general dissemination and implementation of the Earth Charter in Taiwan. 2. To Encourage and support the educational use of the Earth Charter. TESA started to organize the Earth Charter Taiwan Youth Group division in 2005. The other six divisions of ECT are academic, education, business, NGO, religion, and indigenous people.

  • Sun Foundation 日和教育基金會

Sun Foundation aims to accelerate eco-friendly communities in Taiwan. As a platform connecting eco-friendly farmers, communities and enterprises, Sun Foundation raises awareness about sustainable environment through innovative educational activities. The foundation operates several programs in Nei-Cheng, Yilan, including eco-friendly farming, eco-tourism and healthy diet program. These programs increase people’s understanding of the value of agricultural villages and communities.   


Co-organizer 協辦單位 

  • Huey-Deng High School 宜蘭私立慧燈中學

Huey-Deng High School is a prominent boarding school serving 2500 students from grades 7 to 12. The school is located in Yuanshan Township, roughly a 20 minute drive from downtown Yilan. We are lucky to have solid support from the School Board of Huey Deng High School, led by Board Chairperson Jiun-Yng Wu, and the school team led by Principal Sung-Hsi Wu. As the venue for CEI 2014, the school’s dormitories, cafeteria, conference rooms, classrooms and sports facilities will be used during the conference.


Advisors 指導單位


Sponsors 贊助單位

​​         本國際會議榮獲經濟部國際貿易局「推動國際會議及展覽在臺辦理計畫」補助

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