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CEI 2014 Global Forum Conference Journal is available online.  Download Here


This year we have 24 projects from international delegations and 14 projects from local delegats! Visit the CEI Alumni Blog to see the projects!


Mother Earth supports life and helps people to develop diverse cultures. As environmental degradation is causing many challenges nowadays, we need innovative thoughts and practical methods to secure a sustainable future with respect for nature and culture.  

Taiwan, “Ilha Formosa” (called beautiful island by Portuguese sailors in the16th century) is full of bio-diversity and cultural diversity. Throughout the CEI conference in Yilan, participants will discover the abundance of Taiwan’s natural and cultural heritages as well as learn from friends from different cultures and expand our vision of environmental education and sustainability.



Project title

  • Each delegation should provide their project title in the registration form.
  • To resonate with the conference theme “Nature, Culture and Future”, it is recommended that the projects should focus on one (or more) of the following topics:
    1. Food sovereignty and eco-friendly diets
    2. Inspiration of traditional knowledge and culture
    3. Reducing ecological footprints and zero waste (cradle to cradle)
    4. Appropriate technology and renewable energy
    5. Sustainable development
  • The project timeline should be at least three–months long and include research and practical actions. 

Project description and photos

  • By 15 May, please submit your 300-word project description (WORD 2010 format, single space, including names of your country, school, teachers and students, captions of the photos) and other design elements separate as pictures (JPG format) including 2-3 photos and an image of your national flag. You are welcome to submit an example, but remove all design elements form the text. Please send to these two accounts:

Ali Lin (Conference Coordinator) [email protected] and

Dan Hoynacki (Global Forum Editor in Chief) [email protected]

Project oral presentation

  • Each project will be presented three times at the conference.  The presentation should last about 8 min to inform everyone about the content of your project, followed by a 5 min Q&A section for comments and questions.

Project poster exhibition

  • Each delegation should prepare a poster or materials to display in an exhibition space of 60cm wide * 80 cm high. 


Other Preparation

National flag

  • Each country should prepare TWO big national flag around 100cm wide * 60cm high for the Opening Ceremony

Cultural night

  • Each country should prepare a 5 minute performance to celebrate different cultures in the Cultural Night.

Workshops and talks (more details will be provided)

  • We will invite delegates to offer workshops and mini talks.  
  • There will be a collaborative project that requires all delegations to contribute data. The tasks will not be difficult, and the results will be shared during the conference. 

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