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Many thanks for the caretakers who attended CEI 2014 in Taiwan. With everyone's support, we together made a successful conference! 

CEI 2015 will take place in Portugal 28 June - 4 July.

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  • Please note that the registration is extended to 30 April 2014. See more details and updates here:
  • Participants are generally secondary school students (aged 14-19) and their teachers or mentors.
  • It is recommended that each delegation consists of up to six members including 1-2 teachers and 3-5 students and is gender balanced.
  • All adults in the delegations should be teachers or mentors who have participated in the project development and must be responsible for the students during the Conference. If your school has parents, governors or observers who wish to participate in the Conference, please contact the Earth Charter Taiwan executive team by email.
  • In the first stage of registration (1st November 2013 to 31st January 2014) only two delegations will be considered from each school/organisation. A maximum of 18 delegates from any one country may register initially to allow as many countries as possible to participate.
  • A waiting list will be set up for those who wish it. The second stage of registration will be open in early February 
  • Please complete the registration form and email to Ali Lin [email protected]
  • Should you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Registration Fee and Timeline

International delegates


Registration Period

Payment Due

Registration Fee / per person

First stage

 1st November 2013 to 31st January 2014

 Early Bird

 15th February 2014

 9,600 NT

= 240 Euro

Second stage

 February to 30th April 2014


 10th May 2014

12,800 NT

= 320 Euro

  • Please pay the fee after receiving the confirmation letter from ECT.
  • Delegations can pay in local currency New Taiwan Dollar (NT) or Euro.
  • If you plan to join Post-Confererence Tour 2 (Yilan 2 days) or Tour 3 (Hualien & Taitung 4 days) organized by ECT,please add a diposit 2,000 NT or 50 Euro per person when you tranfer the registration fee. Please check the "Post-Conference Tours" page for more details:
  • Banking charges should be paid by delegations please. The transfering and receving end charge vary with the exchange rate, the payment amount and the agreement between banks. Please inform your bank that your will pay the banking charge. 
  • If you are not able to pay the banking charge when trasfering the money, please pay it when you arrive. It takes several days to know how much has been charged after the transfer and we will inform you the amount when we receive the money. 

Taiwan local delegates

Registration Period

Selection Day

Payment Period

Registration Fee / per person

1st November 2013 to

10th January 2014

23rd January 2014

1st February to

15th April 2014

 9,600 NT

  • Taiwan delegations should submit the Local Registration Form (in Chinese) by 10th January 2014.
  • All registered Taiwan delegates are required to attend the Basic training 21-22 January and the oral presentation 23 January.
  • The selection of Taiwan delegations will be made on 30 January 2014. The selected delegations must attend the Advanced training 19-20 April.
  • The Basic and Advanced trainings in Yilan are organized by Earth Charter Taiwan. All individuals and groups are welcome to attend these free trainings, including those who do not plan to attend the CEI 2014 conference.
  • Please download the Local Registration form and check more setails fro this page:


Account Details

  • Account number: 173-10-008529
  • Address: NO. 293, SEC.3, ROOSEVELT RD.  DA-AN DIST, TAIPEI 106  TAIWAN R. O. C.

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