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CEI 2014 Conference


The 28th Caretakers of the Environment International Conference ‘Nature, Culture and Future’ will take place in Yilan, Taiwan from 6th to 12th July 2014, hosted by Earth Charter Taiwan (ECT) with support from the public sector, NGOs, enterprises, the Yilan county government, Yilan Huey-Deng High school and several local schools.

The CEI 2014 Conference will accommodate 200 international and 50 local delegates. The CEI delegates are generally secondary school students (aged 14-19) and their teachers or mentors. It is recommended that each delegation consists of up to six members including 1-2 teachers and 3-5 students and that the delegation is gender balanced.

All delegations will present their projects related to the Conference theme through an oral presentation and poster exhibition. The main conference venues and accommodation will be inside Huey-Deng High School. During field trips, participants will visit historical sites, museums, organic farms, rivers and mountains to discover the cultural and natural diversity of Yilan. Seminars and workshops will cover the topics of food sovereignty, permaculture, sustainable development, international and local environmental initiatives and debates. There will also be various hands-on activities and social events that encourage participation by delegates from many nations.

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