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Alumni Team

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Meet your Alumni: visit Alumni Blog here!

The 10 CEI 2014 Alumni are: 

1. Julien Beuken  /  Netherlands

2. Stan Vullings  /  Netherlands

3. Laura Cox   /  Ireland

4. Jana Cox    /  Ireland

5. Errikos Kontogoulidis / Greece

6. Robin Asplund    / Sweden

7. Tony Currier-Reagor   / USA

8. Jessica Tattiana     / Indonesia

9. Natasha Christy Njotowidjojo  / Indonesia

10. Sam Yin Wong (Sammi)   / Hong Kong

Congratulations! We are looking forward to working with you and seeing you in Taiwan!

Thanks for every applicant’s support and feedback. Please understand that the selection process was highly competitive and we considered not only individual’s skills and experiences, but also gender balance and regional balance of the whole team. 


Application Process

As every host country has different plans and needs, the requirements and responsibilities for the Alumni Team vary every year. This year the host organization (Earth Charter Taiwan, ECT) would like to invite 8-10 Alumni from overseas. The Alumni team will work closely with ECT and Taiwan local volunteers.

  • Please note that only the registered Alumni are eligible to apply for the CEI 2014 Alumni Team. You must register by 30th November 2013. Check the alumni website for more details:
  • The registered alumni: please complete the CEI 2014 Alumni Team Application Form and send to Ali Lin [email protected] by 10th December 2013.
  • The choice of Alumni to attend the Conference will be made jointly by the CEI Board and the Conference Host. Alumni will be informed by email by 15th January 2014.



Being part of the Alumni Team, you will provide support to CEI 2014 Conference. Your responsibilities include:

  • Being involved in the planning prior to the Conference
  • Helping the Conference runs smoothly and successfully
  • Helping the delegates engage and participate actively during the Conference
  • Assisting in developing and executing certain parts of the program, such as ice breaking, tha cultural night, project presentation, workshops and social events
  • Being a role model of leadership and good behavior
  • After the Conference, complete an evaluation survey to share your experience and provide feedback to the host and the CEI board



To apply for being a member of the CEI 2014 Alumni Team, you should:

  • Be 19 to 25 years old and have attended two CEI Conferences
  • Have good English ability and communication skills
  • Have excellent skills of activity delivery
  • Be active, creative, independent and responsible, a great team player
  • Able to arrive in Taiwan by 3rd July (three days before the conference) to help with the participation

Experience of working with people from different cultural backgrounds will be an asset



Earth Charter Taiwan and the CEI board will provide the following supports for the Alumni Team:

  • Waive your Conference registration fee 12,800NTD (320 Euro)
  • Financial support up to 50% of your travel expenses (Distance and individual performance will be taken into account)
  • Provide an invitation letter and other assistance for your fundraising

And of course you will have a brilliant experience, make many new friends and more chances to discover the nature and culture of Taiwan!



Should you have any questions, please contact Ali Lin: [email protected]

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